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Teller of tales

About Delaney Abrams – Author

Blogger – Neophyte

Rosy glassesMy internet prowess is a force!

Reality:                1984 called. They want my cell phone back

Rosy glasses:  Latest Middle Grade Novel goes to print this Friday – Random House

Reality:               Querying debut novel

Rosy glasses:  My prose hits like you’re standing on railroad tracks

Reality:               Curled in fetal position- ‘Love Me Please’ (‘Love Me Do’ was taken)

Rosy glasses:  Beloved novelist | Mother Theresa Heart | Warren Buffet Bankroll

Reality:                Nurturer | Friend | Doer | Teller of Tales | Brush-With-Death Survivor

Common Bucket List Questions:

Yes I Have:

Northern Lights | Skydiving | Great Wall |  Rescue a Pet | Sistine Chapel | Bungee Jump | Cirque De Soleil | Sagrada Família | Tosca! | Great Barrier Reef | Descend a Gurgling Volcano | Hike Grand Canyon |  Parasailing | Symphony at Sydney Opera House | Took Off and Safely Landed a Plane | Paris | Published | Machu Picchu | Platform 9¾

Not So Much:

Egyptian Pyramids | Swim with Sharks | Burning Man | Taj Mahal | Zorbing | Safari | Everest | Marathon | Salsa (the dance) | Antarctica | Dog sledding | Huanshan (Heavenly Stairs) Trail | Venice Gondola | The Louvre| Area 51 | Unicycle | Ayers Rock | Published My Novel

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